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National Crime Check provides a fast and simple way to obtain your own VISA right to work (VEVO) check to accompany your police check.

Most are dispatched withiin 1-2 business days.

Non-Australian citizens can now easily validate their VISA right to work (VEVO) check using National Crime Check.

Our system is connected with the department of immigration’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) database.

Our integrated VISA right to work (VEVO) service gives you convenience and piece of mind by providing both a National Police Check and a VISA right to work (VEVO) check with one single process.

The process is quick and easy:

  1. Fill in your basic details. 
  2. Complete the initial security verification (by email and/or SMS). 
  3. Provide your required additional information (this includes your place of birth, residential address details for the last 5 years). You will need your passport number for a VISA right to work (VEVO) check, without it you cannot obtain a VISA right to work (VEVO) check.
  4. Complete the InstantID online proof of identity verification using original ID (you must have either a valid and current passport).
  5. You sign consent online. 

Like to know more about VISA right to work (VEVO) checks, contact National Crime Check on 1800 080 095 or email support@nationalcrimecheck.com.au

The cost of a police check starts at $29.50 for Volunteers/Students and $49.50 for employment. VISA right to work (VEVO) checks is an additional $15.