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Ten Years Old: NCC Announces New Logo

Posted on 2020-02-17

As we enter a new year and decade, I find it the ideal time to look back at the accomplishments achieved at National Crime Check (NCC)...  more...

Australian Bushfires

Posted on 2020-01-06

As a proud Australian, it has been difficult to watch the scale and ferocity of the bushfires unfolding across our country. These fires have been of...  more...

National Crime Check Joins Sterling

Posted on 2018-11-26

A message from Martin Lazarevic, Founder and MD I have some exciting news to share. To fuel our development and expand our capabilities, we have agreed...  more...

5 reasons why you should handle your police checks (and not your employees)

Posted on 2017-02-28

Hands up anyone who’s got too much time on their hands… Yep. We thought so. For the majority of HR departments, the decision to leave police...  more...

Case Study: Pacific Brands

Posted on 2017-01-12

As one of the biggest names in retail in the Asia-Pacific region, Pacific Brands may have began life manufacturing pneumatic tyres as ‘Dunlop' back in the...  more...

Police Checking your new recruits: Where to begin?

Posted on 2016-12-16

The pace of change in the human resources world is unrelenting and the digital age has brought a myriad of risk management challenges along with it....  more...

Employee risks you must address (even if you didn't think so)

Posted on 2016-11-24

Reducing risk in the workplace – whether a health or safety, general security or Internet/cyber security risk – is a priority for forward-thinking employers but one...  more...

Checklist for your Police Checks: What do you need to cover?

Posted on 2016-11-09

The process of conducting background checks on potential – and, in some cases, existing – employees is increasing at a brisk rate. As incidents of employee...  more...

What happens if a potential employee fails a background check?

Posted on 2016-11-09

While most employment contracts contain safeguards that allow you to dismiss an unsuitable employee, it’s equally as important to have rock-solid processes in place for handling...  more...